Gopeng Rainforest Resort also offers a wide range of fun-filled indoor facilities such as mahjung, carom, ping pong (table tennis), etc. and outdoor facilities.


Inhouse Leisure Mahjung
Enjoying the inhouse leisure mahjung with friends. All falicities are provided in Gopeng Rainforest Resort.

An inhouse carom leisure activity for all age group in Gopeng Rainforest Resort.

Ping Pong
Playing ping pong (table tennis) with friends in Gopeng Rainforest Resort.

Playing Cards or Board Game
Gather at the end of an exciting day for some board games or playing cards at Gopeng Rainforest Resort.

Enjoy the boxing bag.

Your preference of enjoying meals with families or friends. Gopeng Rainforest Resort provides the facility for BBQ.

Activities for Adventure in the Nature

White Water Rafting
Experience the exhilarating 1½ - 2 hours of rafting down river through the rapids of the Kampar River. Water level can be class 2 to class 3.5 depending on the weather conditions. You will be briefed on safety aspects and how to handle the raft by professional guides. Safety gears are provided.

Caving At Gua Kandu
Kinta valley is home to many limestone hills and caves that were formed millions of years ago. Discover the many dark chambers and the various unique formations of the stalactites and stalagmites. These caves were once used by the communists in the earlier days for their hideouts which we can still see some of their remnants of wall writings, secret paths, etc.

Caving At Gua Tempurung
Explore the biggest cave in West Malaysia. This cave was once used by the communists as hideouts. A very vast complex of caves waiting for you to explore in the dry and wet environment. Discover the many dark chambers and the various unique formations of the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

Rafflesia Trail
In the jungles of Gopeng , we are fortunate that the natives preserve the world’s largest flower through some conservation efforts. The species over here is the R. Cantleyii and it is an awesome sight to see. There will be the orang asli native guides to lead you the way into the jungles in search for the flower. Along the trail, you can spot many flora and fauna indigenous to the area.

Sighting Rajah Brooke Butterfly
Sightings of the beautiful Rajah Brooke butterfly is a rare opportunity and experience. Its scientific name is Trogonoptera Brookiana and it is the national butterfly of Malaysia. The Rajah Brooke butterfly is found mainly in the rainforests of Malaysia and Borneo. This butterfly can be sighted in rainforests of Gopeng.

Wet Abseiling
Imagine coming down a wall of onrushing water. Try out this heart throbbing wet abseiling down a 15 meters waterfall. Safety gears and instructions are provided.

Jungle Trekking
Surrounded by vast rainforest nearby, there are many jungle treks around the resort. We provide guided trekking in the jungles which are hilly and mountainous. Discover nature in diversity with the many flora and fauna of the Malaysian jungles. You may chance upon some birds, insects and wild animals like monkeys, wild boars, sun bears, slow loris, etc.

Listen to the sound of music from the waterfall in the midst of the rainforest. Gopeng Rainforest Resort organizes eco-adventure tourism for nature lovers. Enjoy the splashing cool water and try out the spa, the natural way.

Trans Cameron Expedition
This programme is geared towards eco-adventure with an appreciative learning experience and to promote a stronger voice towards conservation ideals. This 2 day trekking passes through several river crossings, thick bamboo forests, virgin rainforests, orang asli native villages before exiting at Cameron Highlands.

Orang Asli (Natives) Village Life Experience
This is a guided trail to the scenic orang asli native’s village up stream of the pristine Kampar River. Observe the simple routine of the villagers chores like harvesting the produce which are seasonal like rattan, durians, petai (stinking beans), hill paddy, rubber tapping, bamboo, etc from the jungles and nearby orchards. Trek upstream to the dam, observe how the natives catch fish and take a dip in the crystal clear water.

Gopeng Rainforest Holiday Camp
Many parents would like to have their children to have a balance life besides studying. At Gopeng Rainforest Resort, we do organize holiday camps for school children. The theme is to appreciate nature. There will be team building games and guided nature walk.

Corporate Outdoor Team Building
Having outdoor team building dynamics is a creative way for corporate bodies to conduct their training and motivation for their employees. You may engage your own trainers and use the resort’s facilities. We assist you in organizing the outdoor activities as well like white water rafting, caving, jungle trekking, etc.

Outdoor Paint Ball Gun Warfare Game
Want to try out some war battle game, which you may never experience in your life? It is a fun-filled paint ball gun war game. The paint ball gun warfare game engages in a strategic battle between 2 groups. Run, dock and shoot in a battleground.

Night Walk
Experience the nature of the forest and feel the both exciting and sensational mystery of the interesting jungle night creatures. This is a guided nature walk in semi jungle to search and spot for various insects like spider, grasshopper, stick insects, beetle, etc... and other fauna like lizard, gecko, frog, bird and if lucky civet cat (musang), slow loris...etc.