About Gopeng Rainforest Resort

Gopeng is a small town located about 18km south of Ipoh and 16km north of Kampar in Perak of Malaysia. It is about 200km north of Malaysia's capital city, Kuala Lumpur. With the stressful life in the city and work pressures, more and more people yearn for the nature and the slow pace of life in the countryside.

Gopeng Rainforest Resort is blessed with a rich natural environment surrounding. With many crystal clear rivers, streams, local and native villages, orchards, nearby caves, waterfalls, flora and fauna, it is a harmonious blend of nature and diversity to offer you the perfect getaway to nature and eco-adventure.

With some trekking and adventure in the nearby Malaysian rainforest, you will be rewarded with the unique sightings of the world's largest flower, the rare Rafflesia flower, the beautiful Rajah Brooke butterflies, the giant stick insect, wild animals like slow loris, civet cats, sun bear, and many others. This vast area is waiting for the nature lovers and adventurous enthusiasts to explore further.

Many local and foreign tourists including corporate teams for team building, college students and school children find the eco-adventure and outdoor activities here very fulfilling especially the white water rafting, jungle trekking, Rafflesia trail, etc.

There are also people who just want to get away to be together with their family members and friends to spend valuable time together in a free and leisure atmosphere right in the middle of rainforests.

Gopeng Rainforest Resort offers varied experiences in eco tourism to satisfy the adventure and nature lover's quest. There is an exciting choice of activities for all ages and groups, from amateurs and families to the serious enthusiasts and on to professionals.

Gopeng Rainforest Resort is your destination and getaway to the nature and eco-adventure tourism in Malaysia. Gopeng Rainforest Resort is located in the serene and natural environment of the Ulu Geruntum and Ulu Kampar rivers in the Kinta Forest and surrounded by the highlands of Cameron Highlands and Gunung Cabang (Mount Cabang) near Gopeng of Perak in Malaysia.

Gopeng Rainforest Resort provides for accommodation, food, recreation and activities in the midst of environment surrounded by beautiful rainforests and orchards.

The stylish local traditional Malay houses and chalets in Gopeng Rainforest Resort are built to blend in with the environment which create a unique and tranquility lifestyle in the midst of rainforests.

The facilities in Gopeng Rainforest Resort include multi-purpose hall, fruits orchard, car parks, electricity, piped water, clean toilets, bathroom, BBQ sets, kitchen, natural stream, etc.

One can opt for various activities here like white water rafting, Rafflesia flower (world's largest flower) trail, caving adventures, jungle trekking, etc. One can also get to enjoy the various fresh local Malaysian fruits like durians, rambutans, pulasan and others in Gopeng Rainforest Resort during the fruiting seasons. Please check the details before your arrival in order not to miss the mouth watering fruits in our orchard.

Gopeng Rainforest Resort is ideal for many occasions ranging from holiday getaways, recreations, nature adventures, team building for corporate groups, family and friends gathering to students holiday camps.

Gopeng Rainforest Resort

With many crystal clear rivers, streams, local and native villages, orchards, nearby caves, waterfalls, flora and fauna, it is a harmonious blend of nature.